Introduction to Spanish Podcasts

Here you will be able to either improve your level of Spanish or start climbing your learning pyramid.  The aim of this site is to explore the Spanish podcasts available and provide you with a range of Spanish podcasts to help you learn Spanish. We have compiled a series of excellent  podcasts for you to practice with. Our goal is that you improve your Spanish skills while listening to interesting things. Our Spanish podcasts are separated into two different sections:

Learn Spanish podcasts: These podcasts are aimed to help people learn the Spanish language. They are all carefully selected and classified by learning levels. One of the best ways to learn a language is to listen to it constantly and these are very well-explained. Apart from listening to the podcasts, some of the podcasts for learning Spanish include websites that offer worksheets, games, some vocabulary and even transcripts. You can easily increase your level of Spanish by listening to this list of podcasts and using all the added resources they offer. There is one for each topic of interest and level. Enjoy your new way of learning Spanish!

Native Spanish podcasts: Did you know that there is no better way to learn other language than to immerse yourself completely in it? Sadly, sometimes that is not an option. That is why we offer you the opportunity of listening to these Spanish language podcasts. They are aimed at native speakers of Spanish rather than people learning Spanish. They come from all around the world, with all accents and mannerisms from South American Spanish, Mexican Spanish to Spanish spoken in Spain. Listening to them will increase your ability to speak as a native.

Some of our Spanish language podcasts include excerpts of book, novels and interesting stories. Documentaries, dissertations and gastronomy are also on the menu, while others are meant just to have fun and laugh for a while. We have also included options for the technological-wizards, with programs that, besides teaching you the language, will help you deal with minor issues on your computer or phone.