Océanos de Ciencia Podcast

Name of podcast: Océanos de Ciencia (Oceans of Science)

What topics are covered? This podcast is about oceans and all its mysteries, inhabitants and other topics like the currents, tides, the influence of the moon and even fishing.

Why is it good to listen to? Spoken in a clear European Spanish, this podcast will entertain the listener with many different topics, from the marvelous stories of the “singing” whales to the interplanetary forces that rule over tides and currents.

To listen or subscribe to the podcast, please visit http://cienciaes.com/oceanos/

How often are the podcasts updated: Podcasts on this list are updated every two weeks (15 days)

Length of each podcast: All the programs on this list are 59 minutes long.

Podcast description: Manuel Diez Minguito spreads his vast and amazing knowledge about the oceans with the audience. He has a clear and very well-modulated voice and listening to him is like listening to an audio book. He gives information in a way that, like a story-teller captivates the listener. The topics he talks about range from strange creatures that inhabit the abyss to Pacific Whales, the currents, high and low tides and their influence in flooding, El Niño, fishing, pollution and many more.

Summary: Expert oenologist Manuel Diaz Minguito shares his vast knowledge from Spain in a clear and entertaining voice. This podcast will capture the general listener´s attention with charisma, providing new understanding to the audience in a very entertaining way.