No Te Pierdas Nada Podcast

Name of podcast: No Te Pierdas Nada (Don´t Miss Anything)

What topics are covered?This podcast covers topics about comedy, jokes, fun facts and gossip from Spain and around the world. A group of friends gathered to make fun of everything and everybody.

Why is it good to listen to?

This podcast is good not only to have a good time while listening to this very energetic team of anchors but also to practice listening to and learning new words, terms, sayings and phrases from Spain.

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How often are the podcasts updated? This podcast is updated on a daily basis and sometimes twice a day.

Length of each podcast: Programs on this list are all one hour length.

Podcast description:

A group of young, very energetic Spanish anchors lead by Dani Mateos and Antonio Castelo get together to have fun. They talk about music, movies and movie stars, news, current events and their own lives and mishaps. The hosts talk with a very strong European Spanish accent and use words, sayings and phrases from Spain.

The contributors have a great time and take calls from the audience, inviting them to tell jokes or some funny events or anecdotes to the rest of the listeners. Good for people that want to spend a good time laughing and learning new European Spanish words and sayings.


A group of friends gets together on a daily basis to have a good time, tell jokes and laugh about anecdotes and funny life events. Lead by two energetic Spanish anchors, this Spanish podcast is targeted to a young adult audience.