Chilango Podcast

Name of podcast: Chilango

What topics are covered: This podcast talks about life in Mexico, Mexican funny facts, issues that concern Mexicans and how they deal with daily issues, their problems and social activities and other fun and historical facts. Chilango is the name given to the people that live in Mexico City.

Why is it good to listen to: Very clear and understandable. Although sometimes the people in the podcast include many mannerisms and words that are specific to Mexicans, they explain these words and their use. Good to learn about language, facts, history and daily life in Mexico.

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How often are the podcasts updated? Podcasts are updated once a week and sometimes, in honor of special dates or Mexican holidays, twice a book.

Length of each podcast: Podcasts are about 39 minutes long each.

Podcast description: Juan Luis R. Ponds edits and is also the anchorman of this fun-filled podcast transmitted from México City. Depending on the issues talked about, Juan Luis invites experts, musicians, politicians or any other relevant figures to add spice and knowledge to the program. Sponsored by Bacardi Rums, this podcast also includes very useful information about night life in México, bars, restaurants, popular hanging spots for young and not-so-young people, theatres, shows and cafés. Daily life issues are addressed in a fun and entertaining way and teach “outsiders” about the life and costumes in Mexico City and their inhabitants. It also deals with actual politic themes and social issues and provides tips and general information to the public.

Summary: Based in México City, this podcast talks about almost all issues and themes that are relevant to Mexicans and their daily life talked in an informal, easy manner.