Notas de Cine Podcast

Name of podcast: Movie Notes (Notas de Cine)

What topics are covered: This podcast covers movies and related topics: New films, history of movie making, great classics, awards and stories. They include some movie soundtracks and sometimes they even read passages of famous or actual movies for the listener to recognize.

Why is it good to listen to: Great podcast for all movie lovers and even for those who are not. A very well written script with perfectly spoken Spanish that even includes some dialogues from famous movies. Interesting for the general public and those who want to learn more about movies, facts, interesting and curious topics and funny details.

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How often are the podcasts updated: These podcasts are updated once a week, on Sundays.

Length of each podcast: Podcasts are 53 to 59 minutes long.

Podcast description: Anchorman Antonio Martinez runs a very interesting podcast that provides the listener with interesting and vivid facts about movies and all related issues. He has a team of very talented co-presenters that read dialogues of famous, not so famous, old and new movies for the listener to recognize and comment. He also talks about famous music (soundtracks) and their composers and how the music influences the spectators, adding emotion and other feelings. He often invites guests to give their opinion or movie makers, actors and directors that add interest to the program. Very clear Spanish and dialogues well interpreted by well trained speakers.

Summary: Interesting podcast based in Spain by Antonio Martinez and guests about movies and related issues ranging from film making, directors, music, interesting facts, bloopers, mistakes, new releases and classics.