NFL con Fernando Von Russen

Name of podcast: NFL con Fernando Von Russen

What topics are covered?

This is a podcast about the NFL. Games, scandals, scores, players and all related topics are talked about in a professional manner.

Why is it good to listen to?

In a very clear, Mexican Spanish accent, the podcast host addresses topics related to the NFL on and off season. Great for all sport fanatics and those who want to learn more about this sport and the events related to it.

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How often are the podcasts updated? This podcasts are updated on a weekly basis.

Length of each podcast: The podcasts are all from 3 to 5 minutes long.

Podcast description:

This is a very informative podcast about the NFL. All the news, events, games, gossip and scores are explained and investigated carefully by professional anchorman Fernando Von Russen in a clear and very understandable tone. He explains terms and jargon and goes direct to the point, being very impartial about all his comments, although he does admit having his very own favorite teams, players and couches. The podcaster goes through the seasons and off season too, explaining what is happening “behind closed doors” and gives accurate information about all events.


Clear and accurate information bullets about the NFL and all related topics by expert Mexican anchorman Von Russen in an easy to understand language in this short Spanish podcast.