Byte Podcast

Name of podcast: Byte Podcast

What topics are covered? This podcast list covers technology, gadgets and new inventions that make life easier.

Why is it good to listen to?

Topics are interesting to the general population, whether they are savvy consumers or just new to the gadgets, this podcast provides good information. The podcaster is a technology specialist who is very up-to-date on the latest tech happenings.

To listen or subscribe to the podcast, please visit and click on any of the podcasts listed.

How often are the podcasts updated?

Podcasts are updated regularly, once a week.

Length of each podcast:Podcasts are all more than 30 minutes long and range from 36 to almost 40 minutes.

Podcast description:

In this podcast, the podcaster David Ochoa gives information about technology. From the latest gadgets to smartphones and game reviews, the speaker talks about the advantages of technology and how it makes our lives better. He sometimes has a guest participating on the conversation, generally an expert or a specialist in the topic he is talking about. The host not only investigates the topics but also he gives his own opinions and directs the public to what he thinks is the best option. This podcast is recorded in México and although the host speaks with a Mexican accent, he is easy to understand and fun to listen to. At times he can talk a little bit too fast. He has a funny side and includes jokes. He usually speaks on his own and sometimes he brings experts or guest onboard, which makes his show a bit more interesting.


Technology podcasts directed to everybody who is interested in the latest gadgets, reviews and comments on new products and/or popular games.