Tres en la Carretera

Name of podcast:  Tres en la Carretera (Three for the Highway)

What topics are covered? This podcast is about traveling, literature and music. Short fragments of books or poems are read, often accompanied by soft regional music. It describes countries and places of interest and the lives of the writers and the musicians whose work is included in the program.

Why is it good to listen to?

This podcast is a good opportunity to listen to good literature and get acquainted to the Castilian Spanish accent. The podcast host has a soft voice and speaks clearly and slowly, which makes it easier to understand. To listen or subscribe to the podcast, please visit

How often are the podcasts updated? This podcast is updated on a weekly basis.

Length of each podcast: Podcasts are all one hour long.

Podcast description:

This podcast about literature, music and travel is directed by host Isabel Ruiz Lara, a writer herself. She plays soft music, always related to the book or poem she will have her assistant read and describes her travels and visits to distant places between the readings. The program is soothing and entertaining and will give the audience the opportunity to listen to some classic Spanish literature.

Although the podcaster talks about many authors and musicians in her program, the Spanish used is always formal and European. The pieces of music played are carefully chosen and always very well explained, as are the biography of the composer and author.


A podcast about literature, music and travel richly directed by Spanish anchorwoman Ruiz Lara. This is a great podcast for all those wanting to learn more about famous authors and musicians and to practice listening to elaborate writing in a classical European Spanish voice.