Salud y Belleza Podcast

Name of podcast: Salud y Belleza (Health and Beauty)

What topics are covered? This podcast is all about beauty and health. A podcast from the famous Radio Fórmula in México it deals with the daily concerns of women and men regarding health and beauty. As well as this, it includes social tips and advice about relationships, marriage, menopause and many other topics.

Why is it good to listen to? Interesting for all those concerned with looking and feeling better, this podcast is spoken in a Mexican-accented Spanish and includes nuances and sayings from this specific region. Language used is very well understood and all anchors have a very clear voice. Tips are always up to date and interesting.

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How often are the podcasts updated? Updated on a daily basis.

Length of each podcast: These podcasts are all 1 hour 22 minutes.

Podcast description: Alfredo Palacios has been a health and beauty icon in Mexico for the last few decades. He used to be the counselor and confidant of all famous movie stars and political figures regarding fashion, looks, beauty and keeping in shape. He is also well known for his gossip. On this particular program he invites doctors, surgeons, therapists, nutritionists, make -up artists, actors, actresses, models and more to share their knowledge and tips with the listeners.

The host opens his program answering questions from the audience, whatever it is they ask, he will give his opinion and advice. He speaks in a clear Spanish as do the other participants. The show is entertaining and will be of interest to all those that want tips for their beauty and health and also for those who want to know more about the Mexican actors and actresses.

Summary: Program aired in Mexico City with icon Alfredo Palacios as a host talking about health, beauty and gossip and interviewing Mexican doctors, surgeons and famous actors and actresses.