El Show de Psicología Podcast

Name of podcast: El Show de Psicología (The Psychology Show)

What topics are covered?

This podcast talks about psychology in our daily life. How it can be used to offer a better way of understanding ourselves and those around us, how it influences business, education and even politics.

Why is it good to listen?

Spoken in a very clear Latin American Spanish, this USA-based podcast is an excellent way to learn how to improve our daily life through psychology. Terms and language used are simple and easy to understand and all issues are clearly explained.

To listen or subscribe to the podcast, please visit https://itunes.apple.com/mx/podcast/el-show-de-psicologia/id639445320?mt=2

How often are the podcasts updated: Podcasts are updated twice a month.

Length of each podcast: The length of these podcasts vary from 25 to 50 minutes.

Podcast description:

Psychologist Rob Arteaga, born in Mexico and raised in the USA since age 6, broadcasts from Houston, his current residence. He talks about psychology in our daily life, how it can improve our behavior and change unhealthy habits. He also answers questions about relationships, obsessions, guilt and many other, and he states that he has created a therapy technique that will change the way the patient reacts and feels in just three sessions. Spoken in a clear and soft Latin American Accent, this program helps people around the world to get in touch with their own self and promotes self-healing to deal with life issues.


This is a podcast spoken in a very clear Spanish, targeted to people who want to live a better life. Psychologist Rob Arteaga conducts and directs this podcast on a biweekly basis, delivering tips and technics to improve our quality of life through positive thinking and effective problem solution.