Algarabía Podcast

Name of podcast


What topics are covered

This podcast talks about literature, arts, curious facts, biographies of famous painters, artist and authors and, as the producer herself says, useless facts that will make you smile.

Why is it good to listen to

This is an excellent podcast to learn more about México, its culture and food, mixed with a general knowledge of customs and traditions of the rest of the world. In a very clear Spanish, with a soft Mexican accent, the anchorwoman will share with the audience her knowledge of literature and other interesting cultural facts.

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How often are the podcasts updated

Podcasts are updated on a weekly basis.

Length of each podcast

All programs are one hour long.

Podcast description

Algarabia is a very Mexican word meaning “noise made by a group of happy people” including conversation, laughs, gossip and more. This is what this podcast is all about. It compiles interesting and cultural facts from Mexico and also includes some from the rest of the world. María del Pilar Montes de Oca, producer and director, shares with her audience a wide variety of topics, all derived from general culture. She talks about famous Mexican authors, food, musicians and mannerisms, she explains terms used by Mexicans and their behavior, about famous movies and long gone decades (like the 60´s). She also invites guests to her studio, like famous writers and musicians or artists, to share their thoughts and knowledge. Very interesting to listen to, this podcast offers culture and general knowledge spiced up with good humor.


María Montes de Oca, an expert in Mexican traditions and culture, opens a space filled with culture and curious facts about this country, mixing them with good humor and interesting facts from around the world. Her voice is soft and very easy to understand.