Liderazgo Hoy Podcast

Name of podcast: Liderazgo Hoy (Leadership Today)

What topics are covered? This podcast talks about how to become a successful businessman or entrepreneur. It gives examples and describes success stories and big mistakes done by now huge enterprises that were once just little home-based stores. It also motivates the listener to improve in all areas and become a better business owner.

Why is it good to listen to?

This podcast addresses developmental strategies that set good examples to all audiences. It motivates and promotes good attitudes, excellence in behavior and organizational tools. The anchorman speaks with a Latin American accent and his voice is clear and vibrant.

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How often are the podcasts updated? Podcasts are updated once a week.

Length of each podcast: Podcasts vary in length from 30 minutes to one hour.

Podcast description:

Anchorman Victor Hugo Manzanilla has worked on the Brand Management of Procter and Gamble for many years and is a motivational speaker and expert on leadership. In this podcast he shares all his experience and good energy with the audience to motivate them into creating a better version of their own selves, succeed on all the projects they might start and manage their own businesses or the ones they work for as experts, reaching for new goals and creating better incentives. He travels around the world and especially around the United States visiting businesses and gathering anecdotes and interviews for his programs.


This Spanish podcast is written and directed by Victor Hugo Manzilla who was born and lives in the USA but was raised in Venezuela, offers a fresh insight to the business world, infusing his audience with enthusiastic energy and good ideas to improve sales and operation. It is a podcast about motivation, good opportunities and positive attitude in a simple and easy to understand Latin American Spanish.