Educar Para la Paz Podcast

Name of podcast: Educar Para la Paz (Educating for Peace)

What topics are covered? This is a podcast about education and how it influences the world. What can we do to teach peace to the new generation, new guidelines and rulings, UN conventions about this topic and more.

Why is it good to listen to:

This podcast is spoken in a clear and easy to understand European Spanish and deals with education and related issues. It is a window of information for parents, learners of all ages and teachers trying to make a change in education for the new world.

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How often are the podcasts updated? This podcasts are updated on a weekly basis.

Length of each podcast: All podcasts are 22 to 25 minutes long.

Podcast description:

Julia Murga, expert anchorwoman and teacher offers this window of information for all teachers, parents and learners out there and to the public in general to share this new reality of a XXI school.

This podcast covers topics from the UN programs for children to solve conflicts through dialogue to the latest answers that are being investigated and developed by scientists and professionals. It contains information that will be of interest to all those who want to change the way we humans learn, creating a new world inspired in peace and promoting good communication among us all. With a clear voice and a superb attitude, this podcast will entertain, inform and discover all this topics in an effort to create a better learning environment for generations to come.


Anchorwoman Julia Murga offers us a new perspective on education in this weekly podcast from Spain. From new ideas to research and development of a new education system, this Spanish podcast compiles useful information and discoveries for all those involved in education in any way.