La Hora de Asia

Name of podcast: La Hora de Asia (Asia´s Hour)

What topics are covered? This is a podcast dedicated to Asia, a blooming and ever growing continent whose doings impact the rest of the world. Focusing on China but including all other countries, this podcast is an open door to this region, its events and news.

Why is it good to listen to? This is an excellent podcast to learn about Asia and its culture, events, economy, history and other topics. In a clear language, understandable to all audiences, the podcast host shares his knowledge of this continent with his audience.

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How often are the podcasts updated? These podcasts are updated on a daily basis.

Length of each podcast: Podcast are 30 to 32 minutes long.

Podcast description:

Podcaster Eloy Ramos talks about Asia with a passion. He discovers its mysteries and shares them in an exciting manner with his audience. He investigates Asia’s economy, development, culture, history and much more to deeply understand (and help others do so) the life on this continent.

The host also includes information about Asia’s relationship with the rest of the world, commerce and business relationships. He searches for success stories and curious facts to share with his audience, while entertaining them with funny stories and anecdotes.


Guided and produced by podcast host Eloy Ramos, this Spanish podcast introduces the public to the Asian continent, its culture, history and current events. Spoken in a clear European Spanish accent, this program provides general and specific information about this continent and its relationship with the countries of the rest of the world.