Luces en la Obscuridad

Name of podcast: Luces en la Obscuridad (Lights in the Darkness)

What topics are covered? This podcast covers topics related to mysteries, strange happening, bioscience, hypnotism, robotics and everything else that would be considered a bit unusual.

Why is it good to listen to? Anchorman Riba has a soft very clear voice and takes his time to explain what he is talking about. For either curiosity’s sake or for interest in any of these unusual topics, this podcast will be interesting to almost everybody. The podcaster is knowledgeable and witty and his program is entertaining.

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How often are the podcasts updated? Podcasts are updated on a daily basis, sometimes even twice a day.

Length of each podcast: Length of the podcasts varies from 22 to 45 minutes.

Podcast description: Pedro Riba, Spanish anchorman and expert in the occult, shares his knowledge with the audience in a very interesting way. He speaks clearly and slowly to make sure everybody is understanding and he invites experts on topics such hypnotism, meditation, mind control and robotics, as well as renowned psychics and healers.   He also visits clinics and other healing centers interviewing people as well as doctors. His language is clear and easy to understand and when he or any of his guests uses scientific jargon he takes the time to explain all terminology.

Summary: Interesting podcast from Spain about unusual topics for the curious or the ones interested in the world of spirits, angels, mysteries and magic. It even has some robotics, science and technology included in some of the programs.