Divertimento Podcast

Name of podcast: Divertimento

What topics are covered? This podcast covers Chilean news and events, stories, urban legends and interesting interviews, all pertaining to Chile. They also include some other topics of actual worldwide events and news.

Why is it good to listen to? This podcast is excellent for the listener who is interested in learning about South America and its facts. People that are planning to travel to Chile will also benefit from this show, since it talks about interesting things to do and visit in this country.

To listen or subscribe to the podcast, please visit http://www.radiozero.cl/podcast/?show=divertimento

How often are the podcasts updated: This program is aired on a daily basis, so podcasts are updated daily too.

Length of each podcast? Podcast lengths vary from 55 to 59 minutes.

Podcast description: Based in Chile, this program is run by anchorman Rodrigo Kendelman and anchorwoman María Gracia Subercaseaux who also direct and edit. In a very entertaining way, they address actual topics that concern Chile and its population. You can hear the Chilean mannerisms and accent in a very clear voice and excellent Spanish.

Topics include movies, actual political and social events, interviews with public figures and famous actors and actresses and more.This show also includes topics that are interesting to the general public. They include health and beauty issues, psychology, medicine, art and common knowledge.

Summary: Chilean show dedicated to the Chilean public that addresses actual topics of interest to a wide variety of listeners in a clear Spanish. Good to all that want to learn more about Chile, Chilean customs, news and events.