Zoo de Fósiles Podcast

Name of podcast: Zoo de Fósiles (Zoo of Fossils)

What topics are covered? This podcast covers the history of dinosaurs since the remote beginning of the earth through to their disappearance. Species, names, characteristics, descriptions and all things fossil-related.

Why is it good to listen to? For all those with an interest in science and history, this podcast describes the era of dinosaurs in a very clear and slow Spanish voice that is easy to understand, even when the anchorman gets into the names of the dinosaurs, plants, ages and other scientific names.

To listen or subscribe to the podcast, please visit http://cienciaes.com/fosiles/

How often are the podcasts updated? This podcast list is updated every other week (every 15 days)

Length of each podcast: Podcasts in this list vary in length from 39 to 59 minutes.

Podcast description: Anchorman Germán Fernández Sánchez travels with us through time and brings back to life all the extinct dinosaurs by describing them and the places they inhabited. He is a great story teller and makes the show interesting by adding emotion to the narrations. He is also very precise and knowledgeable about the topic.

The podcast host also introduces other interesting topics to his shows, like the origin of the dog, the first discoveries of dinosaur skeletons and the historians that made these findings possible. He talks about exhibitions and museums and invites other experts to share their knowledge with the audience. He has a clear voice with an European Spanish accent and speaks slow, clarifying and deciphering complicated names.

Summary: Interesting podcast focusing on dinosaurs and all related topics, interviews with museum curators, scientists and historians. Anybody interested in history facts or on this amazing species will be delighted to listen to this show.