Frecuencia Cero Podcast

Name of podcast: Frecuencia Cero (Zero Frequency)

What topics are covered? This podcast covers all cultural events in Mexico, especially the ones regarding movies and theaters and it also includes (every other week) a family program that gives advice on how to solve and live through emotional problems and issues.

Why is it good to listen to?

Produced in Mexico, in a clear and soft voice, this podcast is useful to learn more about life in Mexico. It gives information on cultural and current events and gives advice on where to go. It also includes a section in which experts and psychologists help the listener deal with emotional issues.

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How often are the podcasts updated? Podcasts on this list are updated every other day.

Length of each podcast: Lengths of this podcast vary from 30 minutes to one hour and a half.

Podcast description:

This podcast broadcasts cultural events in Mexico and twice a month it has a space to talk about emotional issues. Cultural events are covered in a professional manner and in a very clear Spanish, directed to the general audience who wants to know what is going on in Mexico City regarding culture, movies, art and more.

Once or twice a month, the podcast is dedicated to soothing the soul and healing the spirit, through the words of psychologists and humanists who help deal with emotional issues. Targeted to a young adult and adult audience, this is a very relaxing and helpful podcast.


A Spanish podcast about current cultural events in Mexico City for the general public interested in shows, movies, festivals, art and related topics.  Very well directed, this podcast is a good source of information about Mexico and its inhabitants.