Lo Mejor de Martha de Bayle

Name of podcast: Lo Mejor de Martha de Bayle

What topics are covered? Anchorwoman Martha de Bayle talks about a wide variety of topics, from pets and children to how to keep the flame of love burning.

Why is it good to listen to?

The anchorwoman is very well versed in family topics and has many years of experience as a radio speaker. Language is very easy to understand with no complicated words or terms. It is interesting for all public in general.

To listen or subscribe to the podcast, please visit http://www.wradio.com.mx/escucha/programas/martha-debayle/20050504/programa/170319.aspx?nprm=iDZ8W4eKn9YzA%2bOrMHw6T5r3ijlMNnedWaOJSlW0f5u2YkZgXsGB5%2fMqVoaqt9hz and click on any of the podcasts listed.

How often are the podcasts updated? These podcasts are updated on a daily basis or sometimes every other day.

Length of each podcast: Lengths vary from 30 minutes to one hour or more.

Podcast description:

Conversations vary over a wide variety of topics centering on family advice. From couple´s quarrels to cleaning dirty windows, this podcasts offer interesting information to those concerned with improving their quality of life, relationships, career, home and education. The podcaster gives professional advice to mothers, parents and the general public. Podcasts are originated in Mexico City and they offer advice in many areas and issues. It is usually a talk show where the host tries to either answer some of the questions her listeners have emailed her or talks about topics she has been asked advice about. Martha, the anchorwoman, speaks with a slight Mexican accent and has a smooth, well-educated voice. She speaks clearly and not too fast, so it is very easy to understand. Sometimes she uses Mexican colloquialisms, but nothing complicated that would prove too hard to understand.


Daily podcasts from Mexico City targeted at people who are interested in relationships, family and similar topics.