Educa Radio

Name of podcast: Educa Radio

What topics are covered? Podcast based in Denver, Colorado targeted to the Hispanic community living in Colorado discussing topics of interest such as immigration, driving licenses, social security and much more.

Why is it good to listen to?

This podcast is very interesting to all Latinos living in the USA as well as those living in other countries. The Spanish used is very clear, neutral and with almost no accent and the language is easy and simple. Terms used are clear and understandable. Anybody willing to learn about immigration, laws, regulations and specific issues regarding legal and illegal immigrants will benefit from this podcast.

To listen or subscribe to the podcast, please visit and click on any of the podcasts listed.

How often are the podcasts updated? At least once a month.

Length of each podcast: These podcasts are all more or less 58 minutes long.

Podcast description: Very interesting podcast with anchorman “Chava” and assistant Julieta Quiñonez dealing with topics of interest to all Latinos living in or outside the USA. The podcasters cover a wide range of issues regarding immigrants (both documented and undocumented), their rights, what to do in certain specific situations, how to get help or contact an expert and more. The hosts also invite lawyers and government officials to clarify new laws and regulations and to help people understand what they can and cannot do. The hosts are very clear and explain carefully and slowly using understandable terms and language. These podcasts are very easy to listen to.

Summary: Informative podcasts originated in Denver, dealing with important issues for Latinos like immigration and regulations.