Más Escuela Pública

Name of podcast: Más Escuela Pública (More Public Education)

What topics are covered?

This podcast covers all topics related to education and its ties with politics and government. It deals with issues like educating for a better future and how to promote more free education but it also covers information about scholarships, grants and how to obtain help from the government to study or finish a career.

Why is it good to listen to?

This is a very interesting podcast for students of all ages and countries. Spoken in a very clear Spanish from Spain, it provides useful information on scholarships, studying abroad, how to apply for monetary help and more.

To listen or subscribe to the podcast, please visit http://www.ivoox.com/podcast-podcast-mas-escuela-publica_sq_f143630_1.html

How often are the podcasts updated: Podcast are updated once a week.

Length of each podcast: The length of all these podcast is one hour.

Podcast description:

Spoken in a perfect, very clear and almost poetic European Spanish, this podcast is a pleasure to listen to. The anchorman and producer, Victor González Izquierdo, and collaborator Isabel Lora García gather important and useful information about education, new rules and laws, better places to study, better education systems, how politics influence education and more.

The podcasters promote discussion of better systems of education like music therapy, open learning systems, computerized technology and non-grades schools. Very interesting to listen to, since the participants have a unique and poetic way of talking and describes things in a rich and delightful manner. They also include politics as a debating topic, inviting renowned government figures to give their opinion and share their knowledge.


Victor Gonzales and Isabel Lora offer a fresh sight into modern education in a very good and descriptive Castilian Spanish, promoting free education and better learning systems for the developing world. Interesting for all teachers, students and parents of the world.