Name of podcast: Gastronómicast

What topics are covered? This podcast covers topics related to food: Home cooking, gourmet cooking, diets, wines to go with certain foods, restaurant recommendations and more.

Why is it good to listen to?

This podcast is spoken in clear Mexican Spanish with easy-to-understand language about food and all related topics. It is a great podcast for all food lovers and those planning to visit Mexico, to know the best restaurants to visit and what type of food to try.

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How often are the podcasts updated? Podcasts on this list are updated once or twice a month.

Length of each podcast: Podcasts are all between 50 minutes to one hour.

Podcast description:

Chefs Mariana Orozco and Toño Sempere talk about the best, the latest and the most popular things about gastronomy, mixology, food, wine and much more. The two hosts love cooking, going out and sharing all their discoveries, best recipes and favourite places with their audience. This is a very fun program full of a good sense of humor, excellent recipes and recommendations of restaurants and wineries, descriptions of Mexican spices, tequilas, peppers and more. This podcast is great for all audiences and especially for all people that are interested in cooking, food and restaurants.


In this podcast, the two hosts get together to talk about food, restaurants and drinks using clear Mexican Spanish and easy-to-understand language. This Spanish podcast has excellent tips on food, wines, restaurants and Mexican recipes aimed at all audiences. Good for all those who like eating, cooking and enjoying Mexican food and alcohol.