La Caja de Pandora Podcast

Name of podcast: La Caja de Pandora (Pandora’s Box)

What topics are covered:This podcast gives information about wellbeing, health, alternative medicine, mysteries, human evolution,  personal self-improvement and much more.

Why is it good to listen to? This podcast has a wide variety of topics that will keep the audience interested. Whether for curiosity or for a deep interest in any of the issues talked about, the podcast host captivates the attention of the listener through his interesting and detailed descriptions. He has an European Spanish accent and speaks clearly.

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How often are the podcasts updated: This program is aired on a daily basis, as are the podcasts.

Length of each podcast: Lengths vary from 22 minutes to up to 2 hours.

Podcast description: Based in Spain, this podcast deals with a wide variety of topics, all related to wellbeing and health, including the wellbeing of the spirit. The podcast host goes out to conferences and exhibitions and interviews experts in all specialties, from acupuncture to tai chi, meditation, yoga and more.

The host makes the podcast interesting by visiting shows and going directly where the action is. In some of his programs he also plays music and guides meditation for the audience. He speaks clearly although when he is outside interviewing one has to be careful and pay attention due to the background noise.

Summary:Podcast originated in Spain with information on wellbeing, physical and spiritual health. Interesting for those who search for inner peace or want to take better care of themselves and their families.