Cierta Ciencia Podcast

Name of podcast: Cierta Ciencia

What topics are covered: Expert Geneticist Josefina Cano talks about new scientific discoveries and their impact on our daily life and the future. Themes range from investigations to interviews with scientists about actual events, discoveries, opinions, new drugs and recently discovered illnesses and their treatment.

Why is it good to listen to? Based in Spain, this podcast is very interesting to all those interested in the science world or those looking for specific information about certain issue or illness. Josefina´s voice is clear and has a reasonable pace as well as being easy to understand. She takes the time to explain scientific terms and language used and explains very clearly all issues covered.

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How often are the podcasts updated Podcasts are updated every 15 days. (Twice each month)

Length of each podcast: Each program varies in length from 29 to 59 minutes

Podcast description: Anchorwoman and geneticist Josefina Cano entertains and informs the listener with facts about science and related issues. She talks about a variety of topics, including but not limited to cancer, new discovered medicines, genetics, antibiotics, biology, plants and many more. She is quite entertaining and will spice up the information with fun facts and phrases.

The host also talks to specialists and invites them to collaborate with her in the programs. Language used is clear and simple although she uses scientific terms or language of common knowledge. She has a neutral tone and speaks slowly and clearly. The program is softly interspersed with soft instrumental music which makes listening much more enjoyable.

Summary: This podcast offers information on science facts in a well-spoken and entertaining manner that captivates the listener with well written stories and scripts.