On what devices can you use Spanish Pod 101? Is it easy to carry around?

At Spanish pod 101, they know how important it is to stay at the forefront of technology, and they are aware of the diversity of mobile devices out there and the many ways that people are trying to use them as learning tools.

With this in mind, Spanishpod101 has developed a number of applications and keeps upgrading and formatting them in a way that is available through most mobile devices and desktops.

You can study your Spanish lessons directly on your desktop computer, but you can also study on the go.

Spanishpod101 is now available for devices with iOs and Android operative systems.

This will improve your learning experience while allowing you to review your work and advance, and even taking on new lessons, while you are traveling or even during long commutes.

Spanishpod101 has also created specific FREE apps for mobile devices.

You will find them under the Spanish Resources tab.

On what devices can you use Spanish Pod 101

They have around 10 helpful apps already and they keep developing more. You can access and download them once you click on the iPhone, iPad, Android App FREE tab.

On what devices can you use Spanish Pod 101

You can choose the one that better fits your needs after reading the description and information provided for each one of them. You will also find information about which devices are they formatted for.

You can rest assured that you will be dealing with the best technology and advances when you study your Spanish lessons at SpanishPod101. Not only that, you will be able to tap into your dashboard at any time, in any device, at any time and continue learning with no interruptions.

Even if you have no internet connection, SpanishPod101 will allow you to download certain lesson materials so you can study offline.