La Semana en Tecnología Podcast

Name of podcast: La Semana en Tecnología (The Week in Technolgy)

What topics are covered? This podcast covers all information about technology, with a special interest in telephones, mobile tech, travel gadgets and GPS services. Although the main topic is technology, its history and development and advantages, the podcasters take time to inform the public about mobile phones and all that is related to it.

Why is it good to listen to? This is good for the general public, since it talks about something everybody has on these days: a mobile phone (cell phone). This podcast explains the use of apps, shows  new technology, gadgets and introduces them to the most helpful and useful ones in a clear language and in a soft spoken European Spanish voice.

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How often are the podcasts updated:  As the name of the podcast says it, the program is aired once a week. Therefore, podcasts are updated once a week too.

Length of each podcast: Podcasts vary in length from 59 minutes to two hours.

Podcast description: Javier Lacort and Eduardo Arcos get together to inform the audience about the latest technology on phones and other mobile devices. They try out the products and give their own feedback and opinion. The podcasters invite experts and app designers and programmers to their program to ask them all sorts of questions.

The hosts also review questions and doubts sent in by their audience and try to address all concerns and answer all queries. Spoken in clear European Spanish, this podcast is good to the public in general, since it talks about a device we all have nowadays.

Summary: A nice podcast that informs the public about technology related to mobile apps and telephones. Javier and Eduardo, the anchors, are very knowledgeable and talk in a relaxed, fun way to keep everybody interested.