La Historia del Mundo Podcast

Name of podcast: La Historia del Mundo (World History)

What topics are covered? This podcast focuses on history; its links to this day’s society, culture, economy and politics. Centering on South American history, this program covers all kind of interesting stories, like slavery in cotton picking and the history of coffee.

Why is it good to listen to? This podcast is a great resource of history data and amazing facts about South America. Speaking in a soft, Colombian Spanish accent, the anchorwoman describes in a very entertaining manner the history of South America. Very interesting for all of those who either plan a visit to this region or just want to learn more about the Latin American culture.

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How often are the podcasts updated? This podcasts is updated on a weekly basis.

Length of each podcast: This podcasts are all 50 minutes long.

Podcast description:

Philosopher and historian Diana Uribe from Colombia is also the producer and anchor of this interesting podcast. She talks about history as if it was a fairytale, giving the audience a great description about all historical facts of South America and how they are linked to the history, culture and politics of the rest of the world. She talks about the history of coffee, the amazons, Panama Canal and many more.

Although the podcast host focuses on South and Latin America, she also has interesting podcast episodes about Europe where she goes over the country´s story linking it to the rest of the world and weaving it with Latin America. Her soft voice will unleash the audience’s imagination in a very clear and easy to understand language. This program is aimed for all audiences.

Summary: This is a very interesting podcast about history. Anchorwoman Uribe is an expert in this topic and does a great job entertaining while teaching interesting facts about South America. This podcast links the facts with the history from the rest of the world. This podcast is good for everyone who is interested in Latin American history and its connection with the rest of the world.