Primero y Diez Podcast

Name of podcast: Primero y Diez (First and Ten)

What topics are covered? This is a sports podcast about American Football. It talks about the players, fields, games, teams, trainers and owners. It follows the games during all seasons and talks about curious facts and issues as well.

Why is it good to listen to?

This is an excellent podcast for all those with a passion for American Football and the NFL, regardless of their favorite team or player. Spoken in a neutral Spanish, this program compiles football history and talks about games, winners or losers and what is expected from each team and/or player.

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How often are the podcasts updated? This podcast is updated on a daily basis.

Length of each podcast: This podcasts vary in length from 40 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes.

Podcast description:

Alebrto Musali and Luis Obregón, avid fanatics and experts on American Football address all topics regarding this popular sport. This podcast follows all NFL teams and games throughout the seasons, reporting about their players, couches and many more. The hosts have their own favorite NFL team and players but they treat all with the same respect and concern and inform about all events without any favoritism.

This is good to listen to for the new fans out there who just recently discovered this wonderful sport. The podcasters explain terms, jargon, plays and regulations and all terms related to American Football and the NFL. They also include game scheduling and criticize or praise the couches decisions and the referee’s calls. The podcast is one of the best sources for information on the NFL in Spanish.


This is an interesting podcast full of information about  American football, the seasons, the NFL, games, players and all other related topics. Spoken in a plain language easy to understand, Mexican anchors Musali and Obregón share their knowledge and opinion with their audience and help them understand terms, jargon and rules of the American Football.