Espacio en Blanco Podcast

Name of podcast: Espacio en Blanco (Empty Space)

What topics are covered?

This podcast covers topics related to mystery; from trolls on the internet to the abyss of what they call the deep web, parapsychology, apparitions, hauntings, ghost, possessions and tele-transportation.

Why is it good to listen to?

This podcast is extremely entertaining, telling stories and urban legends in a very enthusiastic way. The Spanish used is European and very clear and he topics addressed are very interesting and fun to listen to.

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How often are the podcasts updated? This podcast is updated on a weekly basis.

Length of each podcast: This program lasts two hours, divided in two sets of one hour each.

Podcast description:

Podcast host Miguel Blanco and his amazing team of investigators travel the world visiting, interviewing and of course, investigating all inexplicable events, urban legends or historic haunting grounds. They not only investigate but also record and try to confirm all events to prove the existence of spirits or ghosts or unearthly beings. They also recreate sightings and urban legends to prove their existence. When the issue surpasses their capabilities they call experts to help them deal with the topic and share their opinions with the audience.

The contributors with a passion and even though the podcast episodes are rather long they are very interesting and catchy, leaving the listener with a need for more. This podcast is from Spain but the issues addressed and many of the guests are from around the world. Also, people involved travel abroad many times recording their experiences on site.

Summary: This is a very interesting and informative Spanish mystery podcast about unusual happenings. Updated weekly, this two hour program travels around the world collecting amazing stories and unbelievable events to recreate them later with their audience.