Vivir con Pasión Podcast

Name of podcast: Vivir con Pasión (Living With Passion)

What topics are covered? Topics covered in this podcast are wellbeing, improving quality life, thinking positive, mind over matter, laughing to problems and taking life as it is. This is a very energetic, emotional program.

Why is it good to listen to?

This podcast will do a great deal of good to anybody who wants to listen. The accent is a soft Mexican Spanish very understandable and clear and the topics addressed will result of interest to the majority of listeners.

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How often are the podcasts updated? This podcast are often updated more than once a day or at least once a day.

Length of each podcast: Lengths vary from 40 to 55 minutes.

Podcast description:

Spoken in a soft and sweet Mexican Spanish accent, anchorwoman Dinorah Delgado and her team come up with a smart show, full of good information and fun facts. The host delivers facts about daily life in an easy and understandable manner, very entertaining and the topics she addresses will captivate and interest all family members.

The podcast host is positive and energetic, transmitting a sense of assurance and optimism to her audience with the idea that all bad can be turned into something good and that no matter how ugly things might appear to be, the sun always shines after the storm. She also brings guests to her show, from comedians to psychologists to cooks and motivational speakers. Great show to listen to when you are in a bad mood or only need some little extra cheering up.

Summary: Anchorwoman Dinorah Delgado delivers positive messages and uplifting lectures through this very entertaining Spanish podcast. The Spanish used is neutral, with a soft Mexican tone. Good to uplift your spirit, learn new and interesting facts and think positive even if things are not as good as could be.