La Tabla del 5 Podcast

Name of podcast: La Tabla del 5 (Multiplying by 5)

What topics are covered? This podcast delivers news about current topics in education. It analyzes the best schools and universities, careers and other options and shares the information with the audience.

Why is it good to listen to?

In a very clear European Spanish, this podcast offers a new perspective for teachers, learners and parents on education and all related topics.

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How often are the podcasts updated? These podcasts are updated twice a month

Length of each podcast: These podcasts are uploaded in segments of 5 or 7 minutes and others of 40 or more minutes. The complete show’s length is one hour, though.

Podcast description:

With the idea of turning Education into a more effective means of captivating the attention of all learners, this podcasted compiles and shares information about all advances in education and related topics. Spoken in a clear European Spanish voice by expert Leticia Arenas, news about new methods, regulations, conventions and new learning systems are shared with the audience.

This is an excellent podcast for teachers and parents to learn what is new and how to make a change from more traditional school classes into the new technology and learning schemes. This podcast covers information from all levels of education and from all around the world.


In this Spanish podcast, host Leticia Arenas compiles information about  new learning technologies, systems, regulations and innovations to share with her audience. With a clear voice and easy to understand European Spanish, she delivers up to date information valuable for all audiences, but especially to those who are involved with education in any way.